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November 5, 2012

Open house at National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame on Nov. 10 to collect materials for Saratoga’s sesquicentennial celebration

SARATOGA SPRINGS — As the Sesquicentennial of Thoroughbred racing at Saratoga draws near, the Saratoga 150 Committee is seeking historical memorabilia to commemorate this significant anniversary, which will be celebrated with a series of events that kick off in May 2013 and continue through September.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame will host an open house for people to share their personal collections of Saratoga racing items to be part of the Sesquicentennial celebration. Items of interest to the Saratoga 150 Committee include, but are not limited to, photographs, programs, video footage, collectibles, and general Saratoga memorabilia. The Museum will offer free admission throughout the day. Members of the Saratoga 150 Committee and staff from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame will be on site to answer any questions.

The Museum will have scanners to import print material. Video footage, programs and other memorabilia will also be welcomed at the committee’s discretion. The owners of materials that are of interest to the committee can consider loaning or donating the items outright. All items submitted will be considered available for use by the Sesquicentennial Committee, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, and the Saratoga Springs History Museum.

The Sesquicentennial Committee can also receive photo submissions via email at If you have larger items or an extensive collection you would like the committee to consider, please email the Committee with description of the items at

The Saratoga 150 celebration marks the sesquicentennial of the inaugural thoroughbred meeting in Saratoga Springs in 1863. The four-day program was such a success that founder John Morrissey and his partners built Saratoga Race Course in 1864. Today, Saratoga Race Course is the oldest sporting venue in the country still in operation and was named one of the top 10 sporting venues in the world by Sports Illustrated.

If you have any questions about the open house at the Museum or about donating or loaning items, please contact Brien Bouyea at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame at (518) 584-0400 ext. 133.  For more information on the National Museum of Racing, please visit


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