About The Saratoga150 Festival


Mention the word Saratoga and multiple images come to mind…the arts, the Turning Point of The American Revolution, the unique sparkling waters and more often than anything else – the Horse.

The reason is simply Saratoga and its fascination with horses goes back hundreds of years. Ornate horse drawn carriages, steeplechase, show horses, harness racing, polo, horse sales, and stately thoroughbred racers are all part of Saratoga’s history.

Of all the aspects of the horse, the one that tops the list is summer thoroughbred racing at Saratoga Race Course. The “track”, as it is referred to, is the oldest sporting venue in our nation and Sports Illustrated has named it one of the “Top Ten Sporting Venues In The World.”

The thunder of Thoroughbred racing down the stretch, the colors of the jockey silks and the excitement of cheering on your horse in a race all make for the perfect summer afternoon.

For all of these reasons and more, Saratoga celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Saratoga Race Course in 2013.  The Honorary Chairs of the Saratoga150 Celebration were Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson.

The 2013 celebration was not only a day, a week, or a month, but a celebration beginning in May and continuing through September.

Over sixty-four local non-profit organizations were involved in sponsoring events ranging from duathlons and symphonies to Shakespeare and rock concerts.

This website will educate you on the history of thoroughbred racing, familiarize you with today’s track operations, let you share personal memories of visits to Saratoga, and show you highlights of the 150th celebration that took place.


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