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As part of the Saratoga 150 celebration, Tour Through Time, a new iPhone walking tour application brings Saratoga Springs’ exciting history to life for visitors and residents alike. The application combines extraordinary in-depth historical information with archival images of the Spa City’s many unique buildings and landmarks. The application presents walking routes through Saratoga. GPS technology combined with the application’s content allows users to fully appreciate the significance of the specific sites they encounter while strolling through the streets of Saratoga.

The application is comprised of three tours: Broadway, Congress Park and the East Side. Each tour takes the user down a separate path with different sites and unique content.

The application was a joint effort of the 21st Century Academy led by Mrs. Leanne Donelan at Saratoga Springs High School and Garnet River, a Saratoga Springs technology company, specializing in custom software and other enterprise services. The Saratoga Springs High School students conducted research, tracked down archival images and put together the language and visual elements of the application. Garnet River’s development center worked with the students to produce the application that would best present the students findings to the application’s users.

Both the Saratoga Springs High School students and Garnet River are honored to be a part of the Saratoga 150 celebration.

Tour Through Time by Garnet River is available for free download in the iTunes store.

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